Permits for using fireworks

If I want to have fireworks at my party, do I have to ask any permission? If so, who do I ask?

  • Asked on Thursday, January 10, 2008 | 03:26 PM
    Miss Lee, Phuket City.

To let off fireworks at your party, the law requires you to first obtain a permit from the District Chief. Companies that sell fireworks or specialize in fireworks entertainment usually organize this for their clients.

Your application for a permit to use fireworks must be include: the reason for the celebration; which types of fireworks and how many fireworks will be used; a copy of your house registration document (tabien baan); a copy of the ID card of person in charge; and the permit to buy fireworks.

The permit to set off fireworks is issued free, but you should allow at least a week for the permit to be approved.

If the permit is issued, we contact the police and let them know that location where the fireworks will be set off to ensure that it will be done safely.

  • Answered on Thursday, January 10, 2008 | 03:26 PM
    Teeraphol Sitthabutr, Chief Administrative Officer (Palad) of Muang District.
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