Rawai Tesco runs afoul

I have the misfortune of living near the building site for the new Tesco store in Rawai, just south of Chalong Circle. In addition to the constant noise from early morning to late at night, we now have to contend with the smell of what seems to be improperly disposed human waste.

From the stench, it appears that the contractor is discharging sewage along the back of the site and then into the klong (canal) that borders one side of the site.

The smell is overpowering, particularly in the afternoon and early evening.

In addition to being a problem for those living near the site, it...

  • Asked on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 | 04:51 PM
    Unhappy neighbor, Rawai.

If there is heavy rain, the water level will rise and the latrines overflow – then there is of course there is a bad smell. I have contacted the Rawai Municipality and they have agreed to have a sewage truck pump out the toilets regularly.

Chalong police have already visited us regarding the noise and we now to finish construction at 10:30 pm. Workers may continue quietly cleaning the area after that time. The only noise then is the scraping up of concrete spilled at the site.

  • Answered on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 | 04:51 PM
    Suriyon Srinusatr, Chief of Security at the Rawai Tesco site.
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