Balancing the ‘retirement visa’ bankbook

I have received contradicting replies about the requirements for showing funds when applying for a permit-to-stay based on retirement. I understand that the present requirement is to have 800,000 baht in a Thai bank account.

Some Thai banks have announced much better interest rates on fixed-term deposits for terms from three to 36 months. If I deposit 200,000 baht in my regular savings account for day-to-day needs and another 600,000 baht in a fixed-term account, can I present proof to Immigration of having more than 800,000 baht comprising the total funds in the two accounts?

  • Asked on Friday, September 12, 2008 | 05:28 PM
    Don Aleman, Phuket.

The rules are as flexible and friendly as possible. You can produce any number of different bankbooks to show that you have funds totaling 800,000 baht or more.

The accounts can be either regular deposit or fixed-term deposit accounts. Current accounts and bonds of any description, however, cannot be used for the application.

The only other restriction is that the money must have been deposited in a bank for at least 90 days before the date of applying for the permit-to-stay.

  • Answered on Friday, September 12, 2008 | 05:28 PM
    Pol Capt Napat Noosen, Phuket Provincial Immigration Office.
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