Unnecessary Blackouts

Why do the power lines in Thailand have to be cleared in broad daylight, when other countries manage to do this at nighttime? In addition, why they are cleared during the middle of the high season? This practice unnecessarily weakens Phuket’s infrastructure and annoys local and foreign businessmen as well as tourists alike.

  • Asked on Monday, January 8, 2001 | 10:20 PM
    Franky Gun, Kata

In Thailand, it is our policy not to clear power lines at night because it’s considered very dangerous. Also, in an effort to minimize any disruption of power supply to the business areas, we have rescheduled any unnecessary work to be carried out during the low season. However, Phuket’s power lines are currently more than 20 years old and unfortunately, the blackouts are necessary while these lines are being replaced. As the new lines are being introduced, we are clearing any overhanging branches or trees that may later interfere with them. Also, these new power lines are designed not to allow animals to cling to them, which is one of the major causes of blackouts.

  • Answered on Monday, January 8, 2001 | 10:20 PM
    Sompong Khunjan, assistant manager of the Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority
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