Borrowing money from Thai Banks

I am a foreigner currently married to a Thai national and living overseas. We plan to move permanently to Phuket next year. We will start by renting a property but eventually we would like to buy something. We both plan to find full time employment and I also have quite a few income-earning investments in my own country. Will local banks loan money to a farang who is married to a Thai? Will this foreign income be taken into account when applying for a loan?

  • Asked on Wednesday, January 10, 2001 | 03:03 AM
    Simon Gibbons, Australia

The bank officer will consider applications on individual merit according to the amount to be borrowed, the purpose of the loan, as well as the applicant’s full income – whether from abroad or not, their banking history, place of work and their degree of job security or risk in business.

  • Answered on Wednesday, January 10, 2001 | 03:03 AM
    Sitthipong Kuengkul, loan officer of Siam Commercial Bank, Patong Branch
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