Customs duty on imported furniture

I would like to ship household furniture to my new house in Kathu. Will I have to pay duty for my own private furniture? How do I go about shipping to Phuket?

  • Asked on Thursday, January 11, 2001 | 03:59 AM
    Mike Kearns, Kathu

General household furniture imported into Phuket is exempt from customs duty. However, if you import more than one piece of the same furniture, you will need to pay custom duties for the extra furniture and the furniture being imported cannot be brand new. Shipping companies such as UPS can organize customs clearance for your furniture. All furniture imported into Thailand will arrive via the port in Bangkok.

  • Answered on Thursday, January 11, 2001 | 03:59 AM
    An officer from the Office of Phuket Customs Region 5
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