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Last summer, wishing to give away a small kitten, I ran an ad in the Gazette Online classifieds. About six months ago, thanks to that ad, the kitten found a new home. However, since about three months ago, I have been receiving phone calls from people inquiring about the same kitten. After a little questioning of the last caller, I found that they had seen my ad in a publication called “Andaman Classified”. I went out and found a copy of this free publication and, sure enough, the new January copy STILL HAS MY AD running in it, and they were even...

  • Asked on Friday, January 19, 2001 | 04:59 AM
    Concerned Gazetteer

The Gazette has a strict policy never to pass customers ads – either from the newspaper itself or from the website – to any other publisher. This policy, as published in the Gazette and in its sister magazine, the Phuket Insider, is as follows: ‘All classified advertisements in the Phuket Gazette are authorized and genuine. We do not copy or re-write ads from other publications, nor do we "make up" ads to fill pages. ‘Recently, the Phuket Gazette has received a number of complaints from its classified advertisers that their ads were appearing in another local publication without their prior knowledge or consent. In several instances, the items advertised had already been sold, and in at least one case the "advertiser" had nothing for sale. ‘The Phuket Gazette has assured those advertisers that their ads were not sold, given away, or otherwise released to third parties for re-publication.’

  • Answered on Friday, January 19, 2001 | 04:59 AM
    Fawn, Gazetteer Services
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