Getting a new part number stamped on motorbike frame

I had an accident with my three-year-old Yamaha Nouvo motorcycle. One part that had to be changed was the part of the frame that carries the chassis number. Now the new section of that frame has no number.

How do I get the frame stamped with a new number and update my green registration book?

  • Asked on Thursday, November 1, 2012 | 11:44 AM
    McGee, Rawai

The process can be done in one day if you arrive at our office in the morning, but it will take all day, so arrive early.

Bring your passport, your motorbike, your green registration book and when you bought the frame you should have also received with it a certificate or a sticker confirming that the frame passes Ministry of Industry safety standards – bring that, too.

First, go to our registration department and submit your application to cancel your motorcycle registration.

Then have your motorcycle inspected by our mechanics. Once the motorcycle passes the inspection, a new “chassis number” will be stamped into the frame by our mechanics.

Then return to the registration section and register the bike again, but this time with the new frame number.

The fee will be around 600 baht: 25 baht to cancel the current registration; 315 baht to renew the registration; and 324 baht, more or less, for motorcycle insurance because the insurance under the previous registration will be no longer valid.

If you do not want to wait after filing your application to register the bike with the new frame number, you can come the next day to collect your new green registration book.

  • Answered on Thursday, November 1, 2012 | 11:44 AM
    Wanlop Intanop, Registrar at the Phuket Land Transportation Office.
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