Electricity for Burmese workers' camps

When a Burmese workers’ camp springs up, why is the electricity always supplied by thin white wires supported by a single pole? Is this electricity piggybacked off someone else’s power supply, and does that person pay?

Is this the best way to supply electricity to the Burmese workers? If so, who pays for the electricity they use?

It is very dangerous and a serious threat to man and beast alike. Come and see the camps just after Supalai Hills, the camp opposite the power substation on Thepkrasattri Road and various other camps around the island.

  • Asked on Thursday, December 20, 2012 | 04:09 PM
    Dun B, Srisoonthorn

When installing power supply to a Burmese workers’ camp, PPEA officers connect the power supply wire to the nearest large power pole. If you see any connections you suspect may be illegal, please call the PPEA Operations & Maintenance Department at 076-210379 and we will check it out.

I have not heard of any cases of Burmese construction camps stealing electricity from their neighbors. What they always do is have the construction company contact us to provide a temporary electricity meter to be used during the construction at the site. The company will rent the meter from us.

The company has to show our officers the construction area and the employment contact or construction contract. Our officers will check the documents and examine the area where the power is going to be supplied. They then will install the power meter at or near the camp, and connect the power supply cable to the nearest large power pole.

The construction company is held responsible for paying for the electricity used. The fee is “triple rate” – around 5 to 6 baht per unit.

The company also has to pay a deposit for the meter. The deposit is refunded when meter is returned.

  • Answered on Thursday, December 20, 2012 | 04:09 PM
    Sonthaya Thabunprug, manager of the Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority (PPEA) Operations & Maintenance Department.
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