Work permits for bar owners

If I bought a bar in Thailand, in a Thai citizen’s name, and I was collecting the profits from the business, would I still need a work permit or visa?

  • Asked on Wednesday, February 7, 2001 | 03:41 AM
    Paul Aldridge, England

Because of the definition of "work" in Thai law, investors must obtain work permits, even if they do not work full-time or even part-time in the business they are invested in. For example, when a bar owner visits Thailand to check his property, he must have a work permit because the act of visiting the business is considered work under Thai Immigration Law. Before entering Thailand and applying for a work permit, an investor must get a Non-immigrant B visa, which is available from any Thai embassy or consulate.

  • Answered on Wednesday, February 7, 2001 | 03:41 AM
    Boonsri Tawaycheay, Phuket Provincial Employment Services Office
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