Woman’s rights after marrying a foreigner

My girlfriend is Thai, while I am an American citizen. She says that if we marry she will lose her right to live in Thailand. What does this mean? What does Thai law say about this? What is the likelihood of amendments to these laws? She also says that she will lose all inheritance rights if she marries a foreigner. Is this true?

  • Asked on Friday, February 9, 2001 | 02:19 AM
    Jay Laz, Phuket and Bangkok

It is not true that a Thai woman who marries a foreigner loses the right to live in Thailand. Once married, she is still a Thai citizen. According to the Marriage Act of 1997, which came into effect in 1998, a Thai woman married to a foreigner has the same rights as any other Thai woman.

  • Answered on Friday, February 9, 2001 | 02:19 AM
    Friedrich Fauma, Managing Director, International Law Office
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