Right of inheritance

We recently bought land in Kata to build a house on. The land and house will be in my husband’s name as he is Thai. Will our three-year-old daughter (who has a Dutch passport) be able to inherit this property when my husband passes away? A related question: is it possible for our daughter to have two nationalities? I do not want her to give up her Dutch passport.

  • Asked on Tuesday, February 13, 2001 | 12:07 AM
    Maureen Ezendam-Chuachid, Kata, Phuket

When you daughter reaches 18 years of age, she must decide which nationality she wants to keep. As an adult, she may hold only one nationality; it is illegal under Thai law to hold two nationalities. If she chooses to retain her Dutch nationality, then she will be considered a foreigner. The fact that she is the daughter of a Thai has no bearing on this. As a foreigner, she cannot be the registered owner of land in Thailand. The property would have to be sold so that she could receive her part of the proceeds.

  • Answered on Tuesday, February 13, 2001 | 12:07 AM
    Sam Fauma, International Law Office
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