Difficulties with Loxinfo server

While trying to go online, I regularly get the response, “The port was disconnected by the remote computer.” The repeated problem accounts for a large part of my local phone bill. Does Loxinfo receive any commission from the phone company? Furthermore, my registered email address is @phket.loxinfo.co.th, so why does this now show up as @hadyai.loxinfo.co.th?

  • Asked on Tuesday, February 13, 2001 | 12:09 AM
    Michael Spackman, Phuket

In the past, the server was in Phuket. It is now in Haad Yai, which is our central server for the southern region of Thailand. In the future, we will be moving the server to Bangkok. The change in the registered email address is applicable only to user names. When writing an email address, it is not necessary to include “Phuket” or “Had Yai”. Simply write [email protected] Phone lines may be causing the disconnection problem. Thailand does not yet use fiber-optic cable. The copper wires used can transfer only about 60% of the data while connecting, so this can cause a problem with the server. Modems that are too fast for the phone lines may also cause connection problems. Users should decrease the speed of the modem they use to a maximum 57,600 bps, because the lines cannot handle higher speeds. I would also recommend using an external modem rather than an internal one.

  • Answered on Tuesday, February 13, 2001 | 12:09 AM
    Chanapat Sangsiri, technical support, Loxinfo Phuket Branch
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