Getting Viagra

What are the regulations regarding Viagra? Is it for sale here? Do you need a doctor’s prescription? How much does it cost? If it's not available here, can an individual import it?

  • Asked on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 | 10:54 PM
    Rene Peters, Kathu

According to Ministry of Health regulations, Viagra may be obtained only by a person holding a prescription from a urologist, and the pills may be bought only from a hospital pharmacy. I have heard that many people buy the pills on the black market. Not only are black market pills more expensive, but this can also be very dangerous for users because the Viagra on the black market is sometimes not up to FDA standards. In addition, using Viagra without medical guidance can lead to death from overdose. To import Viagra pills into Thailand for sale or for any other commercial purpose is illegal. Anyone wanting to import Viagra for his own use must be able to show to Customs officers a medical certificate signed by a urologist.

  • Answered on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 | 10:54 PM
    Dr Boonrieng Chuchaisangrat, Chief of the Phuket Provincial Health Office

As a guide to prices, the pharmacy at the Bangkok Phuket Hospital charges 500 baht for one 50 mg Viagra pill.

  • Answered on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 | 10:54 PM
    Gazette Online
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