Parking bays in Kata

Lines marking parking bays have been drawn on Taina Rd and other streets in Kata without regard to shop access. There is no sidewalk on Taina Rd and vehicles parking in these bays can end up totally blocking access to the shops. Patong shopkeepers use ‘gates’ to ensure that pedestrians can still gain access through the parked bikes. Can shop owners in Kata use these gates to stop the front of their shops from being blocked? If not, what are the suggestions to keep access to premises free?

  • Asked on Tuesday, April 17, 2001 | 06:57 AM
    Mike Smith, Kata

Kata shop owners are not allowed to use gates. The Karon Municipality plans to build the sidewalk before the end of this year. We haven’t done so yet because shop and restaurant owners keep putting their tables, clothes racks and other obstructions where the sidewalk will be. I have sent my officers out to warn the encroaching shopkeepers to keep at least two meters from the road clear, which is the requirement of the law. Once we build the sidewalk, we can arrest anyone encroaching on government land.

  • Answered on Tuesday, April 17, 2001 | 06:57 AM
    Thawee Thongcham, Mayor of Karon
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