Driving out of Thailand

What are the requirements for taking a car that is owned and registered in Thailand for a trip into Malaysia or Cambodia?

  • Asked on Wednesday, April 18, 2001 | 05:03 AM
    John Gosden, Chalong.

To drive your car out of Thailand you must come to the Phuket Provincial Transportation Office bringing your ID card, plus one copy, your house registration, plus one copy, the logbook for the car and the car registration papers, and have them translated. Foreigners should bring, instead of the ID card and house papers, their passport, visa and work permit, plus one copy of each. If the car is rented, its owner must come to the Transportation Office, bringing the same papers. Once they have been translated, the owner should give all the papers to the person renting the car, which may then be driven out of the country. To drive in Malaysia or Cambodia, drivers must have a valid international driving license, or a Thai driving license, which must also be translated by us into English. The international license allows you to drive in those countries until it expires. The Thai license allows you to drive in those countries for one month only. It takes about two days for the Transportation Office to process the paperwork. When the driver arrives at the border the immigration officer will ask him to produce all the papers.

  • Answered on Wednesday, April 18, 2001 | 05:03 AM
    Alisara Aumlaor, Recording Officer, Phuket Provincial Transportation Office.
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