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I am the captain and owner of a foreign yacht in Phuket. I have been asked to take four people from Germany on an international charter from Phuket to Langkawi and back to Phuket. They wish to pay for all expenses including fuel, food and drink. The money will not be paid in Thailand; it will be sent to my account overseas. All details for this charter will be arranged by email while they are in Germany. Will the above international charter be allowed if the passengers are cleared in and out of Immigration and Customs in Thailand and Malaysia in the...

  • Asked on Monday, April 23, 2001 | 05:21 AM
    Charles Beethoven, Phuket.

People leaving Thailand aboard a foreign yacht must come to the Phuket Provincial Immigration Office and the Office of Phuket Customs Region 5 on the day of departure with their passports. This will cost 300 baht per yacht and 10 baht per person. German nationals may stay in Thailand for a month without a visa, but they must be passengers on the yacht. Monday, April 23, 2001 Kitsarat Nusain, Phuket Provincial Immigration Office (Tel: 212108). The owner of the yacht must inform the Harbor Master at least 24 hours before the day of departure. He will need to bring his passport (plus one copy), copies of passengers’ passports and the yacht’s registration papers (plus one copy).

  • Answered on Monday, April 23, 2001 | 05:25 AM
    Phuket Harbor Master’s Office, Region 5 (Tel: 391174).

It is illegal for foreign yachts to be used to conduct business in Thailand without a Thai company and a work permit. This is regardless of whether the charter has been organized and will be paid for outside Thailand. It is possible for the Germans to come to Phuket as passengers or relatives, but not as clients. If we discover that the yacht has been chartered, which is considered as being used to conduct business, this will be considered illegal.

  • Answered on Monday, April 23, 2001 | 05:21 AM
    An officer at Phuket Customs Region 5 (Tel: 211377, 221105).
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