International Driver’s License

Where may a Thai apply for an international driver’s license? What are the costs and procedures involved?

  • Asked on Friday, June 1, 2001 | 07:23 AM
    Anders Palm, Ao Chalong.

Thais may apply for an international driver’s license at the local Department of Transportation, bringing a copy of their house registration, a copy of their ID card, a copy of their Thai driver’s license, a copy of their passport, two photographs and stamps worth 14 baht. The registration fee must be paid in the form of bills of exchange – one for 500 baht and one for 5 baht. These may be obtained from the Post Office. It takes about three or four weeks before the license is ready because all the papers have to be sent to the Department of Transportation in Bangkok. Please note that the applicant must have permanent Thai’s driver’s license in order to qualify for an international driver’s license.

  • Answered on Friday, June 1, 2001 | 07:23 AM
    Phuket Provincial Transportation Office.
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