Karon environmental problem

Behind Wat Karon a road has been built that goes over the mountain into Ao Chalong. Where there is a reservoir that was built to collect water for us to use in Karon, a foreigner is building a road across the stream right in front of the dam and will construct a bridge across the stream into the hillside and build a resort. What will happen to the sewage and dirty water from the resort? The only place for it to go is into the ground (and, from there, into the water supply). Do the authorities look at where and...

  • Asked on Friday, August 10, 2001 | 06:56 AM
    Tom Notaro, Karon

In order to build a resort the owner must apply for permission from us. We have not yet received such an application for the place you mention. If we receive an application we will do an environmental inspection. And if we find that someone is building a resort without permission, then we will take action to stop construction until permission is granted.

  • Answered on Friday, August 10, 2001 | 06:56 AM
    Officer, Karon Municipality.
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