Car trailers

Are car trailers legal in Thailand? If so, what size, weight and width must they be? Also, may trailers be towed into Malaysia?

  • Asked on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 | 06:25 AM
    Mike Scott, Phuket.

Yes, car trailers are legal in Thailand. However, you will have to submit your registration application in person at the Provincial Transportation Office, where you will be interviewed by a Vehicle Inspection Officer about the trailer’s intended purpose, length, width, weight and fittings. Please note that if you are unable to speak Thai, you should bring an interpreter with you. If the trailer has not yet been built, then the design for it must be submitted to the PTO, which will forward it to the Department of Transportation in Bangkok for approval. This takes about one month. The trailer must be designed by a mechanical engineer holding a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Once approved, the trailer can be made. For more information call the PTO at 076-214930 ext 32.

  • Answered on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 | 06:25 AM
    Somsak Theeracanon, Vehicle Inspection Officer, Phuket Provincial Transportation Office.

For more information about regulations governing cars being driven from Thailand into Malaysia, and relevant contact phone numbers, visit the Phuket Gazette online at

  • Answered on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 | 06:25 AM
    Gazette Online
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