Noise pollution

Every night in the Soi Taling Chan neighborhood of Phuket Town, near the Catholic Church, the booming of bass and drums from the sound systems of at least four popular all-night open-air eateries pound into every home within a radius of 100 meters. A call to the Governor’s number 076-211101 is answered very politely and the noise subsides, but only for the night on which the call is made. Enforcement of the 2 am closing hours would do little to help the dozens of families nearby who must get up early for school or work and need a good night’s...

  • Asked on Monday, October 8, 2001 | 06:25 PM
    Robert Marshall, Phuket Town.

People who suffer from noise from entertainment places may call the Help Center at any time by dialing 198. Upon receiving a complaint, we will issue a warning to the business concerned and, if there are any further complaints, we will fine the offender or revoke his business license.

  • Answered on Monday, October 8, 2001 | 06:25 PM
    Pongpayome Vasaputi, Governor-CEO of Phuket
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