Safety of American tourists

My family and I had a fantastic time when we were in Phuket and Krabi last March, and most of the people we met, who were mostly Muslims, were very nice. I was planning on taking my family to Phuket and Krabi again this March, but I am a little concerned about the anti-American protests reported in the Bangkok Post, which said that most of the protestors were Muslim. Would I be putting my family in a dangerous situation by bringing them to Southern Thailand? I would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer.

  • Asked on Wednesday, November 7, 2001 | 06:44 PM
    James Hastings, Wisconsin, USA.

I have worked closely with Muslims in southern Thailand for a long time, and I still do today. They cherish peace, are devout followers of their religion and follow their spiritual leader. The spiritual leader of Thai Muslims is a very peaceful person. Muslims throughout the world care for other Muslims a great deal because that is the nature of their religion. Hence, it’s not surprising that they care for the welfare of other Muslims in the world. Muslims having a different perspective from Westerners – which they have the right to – does not mean that they want to harm Westerners or tourists. I do not believe that Westerners will be harmed in Thailand. I am certain that tourists are safe here.

  • Answered on Wednesday, November 7, 2001 | 06:44 PM
    Pongpayome Vasaputi, Phuket Provincial Governor CEO.
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