Bricks and mortar

I have been staying in Thailand now for almost 16 years. My wife and I currently rent a bungalow which sits on land owned by a temple. We pay an annual fee to the temple – not to the owner of the bungalow. The owner of the bungalow wishes to sell it and we wish to buy it. I have asked about 725 different lawyers what is the legal position for a foreigner with regard to owning the bricks and mortar, as opposed to the land. Can you help?

  • Asked on Friday, December 7, 2001 | 11:11 AM
    Malcolm Davis, Songkhla.

Foreigners may own 100% of a building, but may not own the land on which it stands.

  • Answered on Friday, December 7, 2001 | 11:11 AM
    Somdao Lohakij, Officer, Phuket Provincial Land Department.
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