Extending stay by changing type of visa

I arrived in Thailand with a multiple-entry non-immigrant visa. I had the opportunity to be a shareholder in a company here, of which a foreign friend is the director. I later applied for business visa, and was issued a three-month, single-entry, Non-Immigrant B Visa. In my passport, attached to this visa, is a notice that I require a work permit if I wish to extend the visa. I am no longer interested in developing business in Thailand, but I would like to extend my stay for some months, after which I will leave the country. Can I change this visa to a...

  • Asked on Tuesday, December 11, 2001 | 06:30 PM
    Walter Hidalgo, Thailand.

I’m not quite sure why you were given only a three-month single-entry B visa. This type of visa can be extended for only one month. To change to any other type of visa, you will need to contact the Immigration Office in Bangkok.

  • Answered on Tuesday, December 11, 2001 | 06:30 PM
    Pol Lt Col Paisan Deedoykhar, Inspector, Phuket Immigration Office.
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