Are motorcycle taxis overcharging?

Yesterday I came out of the Ocean shopping mall on Soi Bangla and walked up to the motorbike taxi rank and asked to be taken to the junction of Sai Nam Yen Rd and Nanai Rd. Motorbike taxi driver number 330 said the fare would be 50 baht. I told him that motorbike taxis in Patong usually charge 20 baht. He said the fare to Nanai Rd is now 50 baht. Has there been a price increase? If not, what should I do when confronted with a driver who is overcharging?

  • Asked on Monday, January 12, 2004 | 11:48 AM
    Mike, Patong.

There are no set rates for motorcycle taxi fares. What you pay will depend on how you bargain with the driver. It has always been like that and it is still like that today. If you think that the motorcycle taxi driver is charging too much, then the best thing to do is to simply not get on his motorcycle. We cannot take action against the drivers as there are no laws enforcing set prices for motorbike taxis.

  • Answered on Monday, January 12, 2004 | 11:48 AM
    Pol Capt Sanya Podsalee, Patong Tourist Police.
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