Donating bins for the parks

Every morning I take my dogs for exercise in Suan Luang Park, on Chao Fa Rd in Phuket Town. It is a well designed park with beautiful scenery that many people enjoy. However, there are usually piles of garbage lying around, especially after each weekend and especially near the lakes. In the whole park I have counted only two green garbage bins. I would like to donate more garbage bins to the park, as soon as possible. Who do I contact, and where can I get the sturdy garbage bins?

  • Asked on Monday, February 2, 2004 | 03:29 PM
    Alistair Beveridge, Chalong.

To donate bins for use in the park, contact the Phuket Town Municipality’s Chief Administration Officer (currently Acting Mayor of Phuket Town), Wiran Hengsawad. To make an appointment to see him, call Tel: 076-211174.

  • Answered on Monday, February 2, 2004 | 03:29 PM
    Daorudee Leelatham, Secretary to the Mayor, Phuket Town.

Jetika Supply Co Ltd supplied the bins used in the park. Our shop is near the 7-Eleven store and Villa California on Chao Fa Nai Rd, south of Phuket Town. The company in Bangkok we buy the bins from is Siriwan Supply Co Ltd. To contact it call K. Kib at Tel: 01-4411838 during office hours.

  • Answered on Monday, February 2, 2004 | 03:29 PM
    Jate Pattamaroj, Manager, Jetika Supply Co Ltd.
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