Foreign marriages in Thailand

I have some questions about your Issue & Answer on the requirements for foreign marriages (See ). The Issue and Answer says that a foreigner must provide “ certificate provided by the Embassy of the foreigner’s home country that proves the applicants are not already married. This certificate must be translated and the translation must be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.” It also states, “[at the interview before a wedding] both a translator and a witness must be present.” My questions are: 1. How do I get the translation “verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affaris”? 2. Can a friend...

  • Asked on Monday, February 2, 2004 | 03:46 PM
    SFC, Phuket Town.

1. For the translated version of the certificate verifying that you have not been married, there are many tranlation services near our offices that can provide an official translation recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If need be, our officers will be happy to direct you to an appropriate business. 2. Yes, one person can act as both translator and witness at the interview at the District Office. 3. When the process is complete, you will receive two copies of your Thai marriage certificate, one for the groom and the other for the bride.

  • Answered on Monday, February 2, 2004 | 03:46 PM
    Karnjana Hongboonyanurak, Registration Officer, Phuket Town District Office.
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