Of mice and real men

I recently bought a glue-tray to trap mice in my home. It worked well – in one night I caught six mice. But now I don’t know what to do with the mice I caught. I feel guilty about throwing live animals in the trash, and I think it would be a health hazard. Can I hand them in to the Public Health Department? If I do, will the mice be released into the wild? Please answer my queston soon because I have started to feed them and I am afraid I will begin to think of them as pets.

  • Asked on Monday, February 2, 2004 | 03:49 PM
    Somchai H, Phuket Town.

If you are uncomfortable with disposing of the mice yourself, you can hand them in to the Phuket Town Municipal Disease Control Center (DCC). We are conveniently located near the municipality incinerator, and we will dispose of the mice for you. The DCC uses strychnine in its continuing campaign to rid Phuket Town of vermin. You are welcome to collect some strychnine from us and use it as an alternative to glue-trays. To collect strychnine from us, contact the DCC, Section 3, which is responsible for the Samkong area. The DCC is located at 155/3 Kra Rd, in Phuket Town. Tel: 076-354501.

  • Answered on Monday, February 2, 2004 | 03:49 PM
    Aree Harnchang, Chief, Disease Control Center, Phuket Town Municipality.
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