No Thai movie listings?

Thanks for the great website and especially the Daily News. But I have one question, about the movie listings page. It’s a pleasure to watch movies at the Paradise Cineplex in Phuket Town, but sometimes its very difficulty to find out from the Cineplex which movie is on at what time. If you call the cinema, there is only one person who speaks English and he never answers the phone. So the movies page is a great idea. The trouble is that the page contains only details of the international movies. For all the foreigners who are interested in watching Thai movies...

  • Asked on Friday, February 20, 2004 | 01:51 PM
    Christina, Chalong.

The movies page is provided as a free service to readers and is updated not by us, but by the Paradise multiplex staff. They tell us they are unable to publish details of Thai movies because they do not have anyone who can translate the synopses into English.

  • Answered on Friday, February 20, 2004 | 01:51 PM
    Phuket Gazette
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