How do we stop the noisy bars?

Lately, bars have been popping up like mushrooms in Kata and I am starting to wonder whether there is any planning in Kata and Karon? Or can a bar open in any road or soi? Personally, I think that all bars should be restricted to Tai Na Road and the Kata Center area. They should be banned from Patak Road, Soi Ket Kwan and Soi Khok Tanode. What can we sleepless residents do to ban the bars from our Sois?

  • Asked on Thursday, March 4, 2004 | 10:01 AM
    Suzanne, Kata.

I have received many complaints concerning this topic, so the Karon Municipality inspection team, in cooperation with the Chalong police, have been checking entertainment licenses to ensure that bar owners are operating legally. Those that are not will be closed down. Under the law, bars are allowed to open anywhere except within 500 meters of academic institutions or religious centers such as temples. Before bars or entertainment places are allowed to open, they must ask for and receive the approval of the people in the community. Potential bar owners must go around and gather the written approval (usually in the form of signatures) of two out of every three residents. If this has not been done, the bar in question must close down. If you are bothered by perticular entertainment places, contact the Chalong police station at 076-381974. Letting them know there is a problem is a good way of ending the noise.

  • Answered on Thursday, March 4, 2004 | 10:01 AM
    Tawatchai Thongmung, Palad of Karon Municipality.
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