Moving a company to another city

I have a Thai limited company registered in Phuket Town (51% Thai-owned). Due to the way things are changing here in Phuket, I would like to know if I can register as non-trading (no money coming in) for a period of time while I look for a better location to move the business to. Also, can I transfer or use my company to do business in another part of Thailand? For example, if I were to move to Chiang Mai, could I keep the company registered in Phuket Town or would I have to transfer the company papers to Chiang Mai?

  • Asked on Thursday, March 4, 2004 | 10:09 AM
    John, Phuket.

We don’t have such a thing as non-trading registration. What you should do is inform the Revenue Office that the company has no income during a certain period of time, so that you will not be taxed during that period. If you want to move your business to Chiang Mai, you need to transfer the company registration to Chiang Mai first.

  • Answered on Thursday, March 4, 2004 | 10:09 AM
    Veerachai Tantiwathanavallop, Chief, Phuket Business Development Office
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