Short-changed at Big C

I have been living on Phuket for about three years and I have been doing all my weekly shopping at Big C. In the past five weeks, I have been short-changed three times. Each time it has been a very small amount, always less than one baht. I don’t care about the money; it’s the principle. On one occasion, both staff at the checkout went red when they saw me check the receipt, which makes me think that I was short-changed intentionally. When I politely pointed out to them that I had been short-changed, they didn’t offer to correct their mistake. With...

  • Asked on Monday, April 5, 2004 | 04:34 PM
    Jeffrey Deveau, Chalong.

Big C store policy on handing back change is that every satang of change must be given to the customer. Any customers given the wrong change should report the problem to the Customer Service counter and show the receipt. Each receipt shows the name of staff member who handled the money, the counter number and the time of the transaction, which makes it easy for us to follow up. Similarly, customers should report any other problems to the Customer Service counter. It is store policy that staff should wai and say “Thank you for shopping at Big C” to every customer, whether Thai or foreign, and even to customers younger than the staff member serving them. I will suggest to our human resources department that staff names be printed in Latin characters on their name tags. There should be no problem doing this. Thank you very much for your comments. We aim to improve.

  • Answered on Monday, April 5, 2004 | 04:34 PM
    Nida Kaewnerth, Assistant General Manager, Big C.
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