Rules on earth retaining walls

What is the legal height and distance from land boundaries that an earth-retaining wall can be constructed? If a earth-retaining wall has been built illegally, who can I contact to help resolve the issue?

  • Asked on Monday, April 12, 2004 | 06:13 PM
    Simon Fielding, Phuket.

There is no Thai law that specifies how high an earth retaining wall should be. However, you must first obtain permission to build it from the local authority, such as Phuket City Municipality or the Tambon Administration Organization (OrBorTor) for the area where the wall will be built. When applying, an engineer’s plan must be submitted showing that the wall is safe to build and in accordance with the landscape. Any wall must be built on your own land. If you want to build a wall along a land boundary, you must first obtain permission from the owner of the adjoining land. If a wall is deemed illegal by the local authority, they will order you to dismantle it. If you do not, they will dismantle it and charge the expenses to you. If ordered to dismantle an earth retaining wall, you must hire an engineer to plan how it will be done. That plan must be approved by the local authority before proceeding. Similarly, if you voluntarily want to remove an earth retaining wall, you must first have an engineer’s dismantling plan approved by the local authority. If you have further questions or need help to resolve a disagreement over an earth retaining wall, contact your local authority.

  • Answered on Monday, April 12, 2004 | 06:13 PM
    Tawee Homhuan, Engineer, Phuket Public Works and Town and Country Planning Office.
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