Former employer owes me money

I worked for a well-known property firm in November and early December last year. While there, I paid out-of-pocket to buy some things the company needed. I was told by my ex-boss that I would be repaid from the petty cash account. I quit more than three months ago but I still have not heard anything from the company about my money. I have evidence of the purchase in the form of a receipt from the shop where the purchase was made. What do the laws say about this kind of problem? Now that I am no longer an employee,...

  • Asked on Monday, April 12, 2004 | 06:20 PM

Our office cannot help you because you have already left the company and because you voluntarily agreed to pay for the items while you were there. That was a personal agreement between yourself and your ex-boss, unrelated to your employment contract. However, if you bring the receipt to me I will call your ex-boss, discuss this issue with him, and try to work out an agreement. If this fails, however, your only recourse is to file civil charges with the Provincial Court. It will take a long time for the case to be heard and you will need to pay legal fees. This probably won’t be worth it for you if the amount you feel you are owed is small.

  • Answered on Monday, April 12, 2004 | 06:20 PM
    Rungsan Imsomphot, Chief, Phuket Office of Labor Protection and Welfare.
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