Thai skippers’ licences for foreigners

I am a foreigner with a Non-Immigrant O Visa. I am also married to a Thai woman. I would like to get a Thai skipper’s certificate for a boat of up to 30 tons displacement. I don’t have a work permit. I just want to cruise around with my boat. Where do I have to go and what do I have to bring with me?

  • Asked on Friday, May 14, 2004 | 06:49 PM
    Beached Sailor, Chalong.

You must come to the Phuket Marine Office and bring with you the following: - Your passport and a letter from a consulate or embassy of your home country verifying that the passport is genuine, accurate and valid; - Three two-inch photos of yourself; - A medical certificate verifying that your are fit to skipper a boat. - If you have it, a certificate to show that you have two years’ experience or more as captain of a yacht. - If you have an existing master’s certificate from another country, you should bring it with you for us to look at. We may be able to issue you with a Thai license without a test. You do not need a work permit but we must be sure that you have the relevant knowledge to skipper a boat. The size of the boat is irrelevant. The license states only the function on a boat that the holder may perform – skipper or engineer for example. If we decide that you must take a test, you should be aware that although the regulations are already available in English, the information booklet about the test is currently available only in Thai. An English translation is being done and will be completed soon. The price of the booklet is 500 baht. Test forms, too, are only in Thai, but you may bring a translator to the exam with you. The Phuket Marine Office has already received authority from the Marine Department in Bangkok to issue Thai skippers’ certificates to foreigners.

  • Answered on Friday, May 14, 2004 | 06:49 PM
    Kittipong Wasukri, Phuket Marine Office
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