Tabien baan tangle

I understand that a tabien baan (house registration document) proves where Thais live, and that a Thai must be listed on a tabien baan in order to be issued an ID card, passport or driving license, to vote in the district where he or she is registered, and to have access to other government services. The tabien baan is also an integral part of the basis for government decisions when planning roads, electricity, hospitals and so on. As I understand it, there is a risk that people listed on a tabien baan may claim that they own the property, and that is why most property owners do not allow tenants...

  • Asked on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 | 05:59 PM
    Ulf Mikaelsson, Patong.

Only one person may be registered on a tabien baan as the owner of the property. All other people listed on it are registered only as living there. However, for a person to be registered on a tabien baan, the owner of the property must sign the application to attest that the applicant lives at that address. If the owner of the property refuses to sign the form, then there is nothing we can do to have the tenant registered on the tabien baan. This is not a problem for most tenants as most property owners are willing to have tenants registered on the tabien baan. The problem is usually with the tenants themselves, who either do not have the time or simply cannot be bothered to get themselves registered on a tabien baan. These people will have to go to where they are registered in order to receive government services. There are currently 15,139 people – 7,629 women and 7,510 men – registered on tabien baan issued by Patong Municipality. However, we don’t know exactly how many people actually live in Patong, and this is a problem when it comes to town planning. When making such decisions, we estimate the population based on the most recent national census and on information from surveys conducted since then.

  • Answered on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 | 05:59 PM
    Phonsak Naksena, Chief Administrative Officer, Patong Muncipality.
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