Traffic chaos at Soi Nakha

My husband and I were driving along Chao Fa East Rd when, in front of the Daorung School, we saw a new road. We thought it was probably a new connection between Chao Fa East and West roads. Curious, we decided to drive down it and see where it led. As we neared the end, the road became narrower until it ended in an alley called Soi Nakha, emerging between two houses on Chao Fa West Rd. There was a long queue on Chao Fa West Rd of vehicles waiting to turn into Soi Nakha, but unable to because of the...

  • Asked on Thursday, July 29, 2004 | 05:40 PM
    Mysia Chettle, Phuket.

At the Chao Fa West end of Soi Nakha there are still a few people living in houses on the land we need to acquire to expand the road. We are currently negotiating with the owners of that land. When we have reached an agreement, we will expand that section of Soi Nakha to the same width as at the Chao Fa East end. Although the road is not complete, we allow people to use it because it is better than closing the road. If we closed it, we would be cutting off a shorter, alternative route for when there are traffic jams on either Chao Fa East or West roads.

  • Answered on Thursday, July 29, 2004 | 05:40 PM
    Fon Butkatunyoo, Director of the Public Works Bureau, Phuket City Municipality.
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