Intrusive behavior of CAT’s bill collectors

My next door neighbor received a visit from two men claiming to represent the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) recently. They carried a bill for my telephone number amounting to approximately 25,000. They showed him the bill, and asked if he thought I would pay it.

This is not only an intrusion of my privacy, but also a rather dumb and unethical thing to do. My neighbor, knowing that I had a similar problem with overcharging in the past, correctly advised them to get breakdown. This was the second time I was to be charged with a long list of phone calls...

  • Asked on Tuesday, September 14, 2004 | 09:11 AM

If a customer does not pay a bill within the one-month due date, CAT will contact them by telephone.

If there is no actions by debtor, CAT staff will then go to debtor’s house with a statement showing the amount owed and requesting payment. If a full statement is requested, we will supply one.

If they don’t pay the bill, our official policy is to legally prosecute the debtor. However, we actually do compromise with debtors because it takes two years to have a case heard in civil court.

In reminder statements, we use the recycled papers to show payment details. However, we will issue an official receipt upon payment. In the case in question, our officials were unable to locate the bill owner at home, so the neighbor volunteered to deliver it for them.

Unfortunately our staff do not speak English well, so it can lead to misunderstandings. If you have any further questions contact our office on Phang Nga Rd or call Tel: 076-216861.

  • Answered on Tuesday, September 14, 2004 | 09:11 AM
    Voravit Vorapiboonpong, Chief of CAT’s Phuket office.
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