Bartending courses for beginners

Are any serious bartending courses taught on Phuket?

  • Asked on Friday, October 22, 2004 | 09:36 AM
    Hilde Marie Johansen, Norway.

People who are interested in learning bartending can contact the Phuket Vocational College or Phuket Technical College. Teachers there are professionals with experience in whatever subject they are teaching (including bartending). 

The FBC plans to establish a bartending course in the future, because there is a lack of suitably qualified people. But for now, the best we can recommend is the above.

Such a course would probably cost about 6,500 baht and last about two weeks, but anyone interested in joining one should contact the colleges directly for more information.

  • Answered on Friday, October 22, 2004 | 09:36 AM
    Thirawit Yingdamnoon, President of Phuket Food and Beverage Club (FBC).
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