Bringing a parrot to Phuket.

I got a parrot for my birthday and I would like to bring it to Phuket this November. Given the bird flu situation in Thailand, is this possible,? And if it is, what papers or documents would I need?

  • Asked on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 | 06:25 PM
    Jack van Oers, The Netherlands.

There have been no cases of bird flu on Phuket, so anyone who comes here can be sure that here is free of bird flu.

Anyone wishing to bring an animal – of whatever kind – to Phuket should obtain a certificate from a vet in the animal’s country of origin confirming that the animal is healthy.

When the animal arrives in Phuket, the owner must show this certificate to the Phuket International Animal Quarantine Station at Phuket International Airport.

  • Answered on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 | 06:25 PM
    Sunart Wongchawalit, Chief of the Phuket Provincial Livestock Office (PPLO).
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