How long is the wait for ADSL?

I read about how Mr Fyre waited more than three months for a TOT ADSL connection [See Still waiting for TOT ADSL].

I recently asked the TOT sales office at Central Festival Phuket about a connection and was told that the lines were OK and it would take up to a month for ADSL to be installed at my flat in Nai Harn, a time frame I accepted.

But now I have applied I have been told I will have to wait at least three months – and probably more – for the connection. Can I get some clarification on a realistic time frame?

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  • Asked on Friday, December 17, 2004 | 06:42 PM
    Ian, Phuket.

If you applied during the middle of November, the ADSL installation process should be completed within one month.

Once someone applies for ADSL service, TOT staff will check the line. If it is good enough, ADSL should be installed in less than a month.

If the line isn’t good enough, it may take a few weeks – up to one month more – to improve it. If the line is too bad to provide ADSL, TOT will inform you of this.

You may have heard of someone waiting a long time for an ADSL service. That could well be the case because, a few months ago, TOT did have a problem with the ADSL network, which did cause us to delay installation.

Now, though, we’re working as fast as we can to install ADSL for our customers.

  • Answered on Friday, December 17, 2004 | 06:42 PM
    Somchai Jittphiphatkul, Sales Engineer of TOT’s customer service office at Central Festival Phuket.
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