No buses between Patong and Karon?

I have been coming to Phuket for years, and still there are no shuttle buses going between Patong Beach and Karon. Is there a reason? They are the two main tourist beaches in Phuket. I know that there are public buses to Phuket City and from Phuket City to Karon.

  • Asked on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 | 03:27 PM
    Peter Kaufmann, Perth, Australia.

We don’t have a shuttle bus service between Patong Beach and Karon because the distance is very short – only about six kilometers – and it would charge passengers 10 baht each way. There are no transport entrepreneurs who are interested in offering that, especially because drivers think that the hilly road is too hard on their buses, so it’s not worth running a shuttle bus.

  • Answered on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 | 03:28 PM
    Jaturong Keawkasi, an officer at the Phuket Provincial Land Transport Office.

The Gazette notes a similar Issue & Answer published in May, 2004:

Why is there no songtaew bus running between Karon and Patong?

Alex Thow

Teerayuth Prasertphol, Deputy Director of the Phuket Provincial Transportation Office, replied:

In 1994, we established a public transport route linking Patong and Karon. After just three days, however, the driver was pulled from his vehicle and badly beaten by competitors.

We would still like to have an investor operate a songtaew along that route, but since 1994 nobody has contacted us about it.

They are probably worried about having similar problems and losing their investment capital. Public transport in Phuket faces many problems of this nature.

  • Answered on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 | 03:28 PM
    Phuket Gazette

We really want to have shuttle buses between Patong and Karon, but the power to allow that lies with the Phuket Provincial Land Transport Office. I agree that there should be a shuttle service, but first we have to talk with the Governor, and then he will take the order to the Provincial Land Transport Office. I think the Governor should talk with the Provincial Land Transport Office so that they can tell Patong Municipality what we have to do.

  • Answered on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 | 03:27 PM
    Chairat Sukabal, Deputy Mayor of Patong Municipality.
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