When will our power blackouts stop?

I live on Muen-Ngern Rd in Baan Suan Kamnan, just south of Patong. For the past few months we have had daily power cuts ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. Apart from having to reset a number of timers, it’s quite evident that these frequent cuts are causing damage to electronic equipment. When can we expect these outages to end?

  • Asked on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 | 06:20 PM
    Bjorn Ostrom, Patong.

Power outages occur for many reasons, sometimes they happen because just one fuse in a main transformer has blown. We need to know the exact address of the house where there is a problem so we can check. If there is a problem at just that house, then we can pin down problem.

Unscheduled blackouts usually last for only 30 minutes to an hour. Especially over the past few weeks the problem may have been the wind causing tree branches to come in contact with power lines.

Any person who has a problem with his or her electricity supply, please inform the PPEA by calling 076-217326 and give us your address, and we will have our service team come to help solve the problem.

  • Answered on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 | 06:20 PM
    Suthep Jitseree, Manager, Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority (PPEA).
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