Are giant birdhouses in Rawai legal?

More than two years ago, a friend of mine bought a house in Rawai thinking it would be a good investment. However, somebody has decided to build a 15- to 20-meter-tall ugly green structure to attract and farm swiftlet birds in order to harvest the birds’ nests for profit.

This is a residential neighborhood, and I can’t imagine that zoning for this type of structure would be allowed by the local authority.

There will be bird droppings everywhere if birds are attracted to this structure, and the building is extremely tall and very ugly. It will depreciate property value in its surrounding area, and...

  • Asked on Friday, July 6, 2007 | 02:55 PM
    One for the birds, Rawai.

Rawai OrBorTor is responsible for issuing building permits in Rawai.

I have not heard about this before, and I did not know that we have such a structure in our area. I have heard that these are allowed in some provinces, such as Nakhon Sri Thammarat, because swiftlet nests provide a good income for local people.

It is not illegal to build a bird’s nest tower in Rawai. However, I would really like to know where it is so I can send officers to inspect it.

If the structure contravenes any building regulations or laws, then we can talk with the owner about fixing any problems.

Also, as the structure seems to be offending those who live nearby, we can talk with the owner about improving the structure so it looks more appealing..

  • Answered on Friday, July 6, 2007 | 02:55 PM
    Aroon Solos, president of Rawai Tambon Administration Organization (OrBorTor).
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