Passports for babies

I have a daughter 20 months old who was born here but already has a US passport, issued by the US Embassy in Bangkok. If I take her back to visit her grandparents in the US this summer, does she need a Thai passport or a Thai ID card to re-enter Thailand as a Thai?

My ultimate fear is that they will say she is a foreigner and then will have to do visa runs for the rest of her life…

  • Asked on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 | 05:58 PM
    Nervous dad, Phuket City.

There will be no problem if your daughter was born in Thailand. A birth certificate from a District Office is issued for every child whose birth is registered in Thailand, and on each birth certificate is an ID number.

This same number is used in issuing the child’s Thai ID card when the child turns 15 years old.

Although you can apply for your child to be issued a Thai passport, there is no need to. Your daughter already has an ID number. All you are required to do is show her birth certificate, plus one copy, to the Immigration officer when she leaves or enters in Thailand.

  • Answered on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 | 05:58 PM
    Chulanan Bunyarit, an Immigration officer at Phuket International Airport.

Although your daughter will be allowed to enter and leave Thailand by showing only her Thai birth certificate, the ideal solution would be to obtain a Thai passport for her.

This will help to avoid any confusion. She can use her US passport to enter and leave the US, and her Thai passport to enter and leave Thailand.

  • Answered on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 | 05:58 PM
    An officer of the Passport Division in Haad Yai.
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