Health regulations for foreign worker camps

About six months ago, a foreign worker camp turned up overnight on a patch of land down the road from my house in Soi Samakkea. The “camp” consists of several corrugated iron sheds.

The owner of the land, who leased it to a construction company to house their workers, tells me that more than 100 Burmese men, women and children are housed at the site.

Sanitary services consist of just four lavatories, which appear to lack a proper sewage treatment system incorporating a septic tank. In my view, the conditions are ripe for outbreaks of dysentery, cholera, typhoid – or all three.

Are there any regulations...

  • Asked on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 | 11:06 AM
    John Quemener, Rawai.

There are regulations covering hygiene at worker camps. They apply to laborers, regardless of nationality.

The requirements regarding maintaining hygiene at worker camps are listed in Thai on our website at:

The contractor who employs the laborers is responsible for ensuring that the camp is hygienic and complies with the regulations.

Regarding toilets, all the regulations say is that the employer must provide enough toilets and clean water for the employees.

If there is an outbreak of a communicable disease, the Phuket Provincial Health Office will be called in to help.

If you have more questions please email us direct at: [email protected]

Our officers will be willing answer all your questions.

  • Answered on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 | 11:06 AM
    An officer at the Phuket Provincial Office of Labour Protection and Welfare.
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