Can I cut down my neighbor’s overhanging branches?

My neighbor’s land has many trees and there are no buildings on the property. If a heavy branch or dead tree fell onto one of my buildings or my house, which is very near the barbed-wire fence separating our properties, would I be entitled to any compensation for the damage caused by the dead tree or branch?

The neighbor is not interested in cutting or trimming trees that pose a threat. Is there a way to compel the owner to remove or trim trees that may be in danger of falling onto my home or garage?

  • Asked on Thursday, August 16, 2007 | 10:54 AM
    Don, Thalang.

If a neighbor’s tree or a branch falls and causes damage to your property, you can file a complaint with police for compensation from the owner of the tree.

If you have asked your neighbor but he refuses to cut down branches hanging over your property, you can cut down the branches yourself – but you can cut down only the parts of the branches that are hanging over your property.

I advise that you take photos of the branches before you cut them down, just in case your neighbor is upset or angered by this and files a complaint with the police. If that happens you would be able to show police the photos.

However, you should call us first (Tel: 076-311381 ext 17) and let us inspect the area. If you do not want to cut down the branches yourself, then we can do it for you – free.

  • Answered on Thursday, August 16, 2007 | 10:54 AM
    Tanida Silapa, a lawyer at Thepkrasattri Municipality.
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