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PHUKET: Lynda Woolf is a celebrated seer, clairvoyant and mystic who is currently visiting the Atsumi Health and Wellness Center in Rawai to dispense wisdom to those in need of her extraordinary services.

Hailing from a stunningly beautiful corner of the US, Lake Tahoe, Lynda has called Singapore home since 1996, largely to facilitate her work as a psychic practitioner and healer throughout Asia. Listing royalty, politicians and Hollywood A-Listers such as Demi Moore, Sly Stallone and the late Dudley Moore among her famous clients, Lynda has even deployed her remarkable talents to aid the FBI with some of their criminal investigations.

With such an impressive reputation preceding her, I was naturally a tad nervous, and maybe even guarded as I approached our meeting in a lovely outdoor sala set in the relaxing gardens of the Atsumi Center. Would her extraordinary intuition and spiritual connections enable her to see right through my psychic defenses into the dark recesses of my soul and unearth a torrent of repressed misdeeds?

I probably shouldn’t have worried, for Lynda turned out to be a charming lady, sporting rather exotic purple hair, who immediately put me at ease with her approachable and friendly manner.

Lynda would quantify her unique talent for seeing and understanding people in terms of spirits, angels and past
lives of which she claims to have lived a multitude. But even if you find such a leap of faith to believe in such things difficult to make (as do I) there’s no doubt that Lynda possesses charm, intuition and insight – all of which help make her an exceedingly able counselor and guide.

Who then are the clients who seek out Lynda’s unusual services? Do they have any unifying traits? “Transformation is the word I would use,” says Lynda. “Most of the people who come to consult with me are seeking a transformation of some sort. They are in a place in their lives where they’re unhappy or dissatisfied and they want to change.”

That is of course very true of most visitors to any health and wellness retreat such as Atsumi. We tend to book ourselves in for a detox, fast, cleanse and psychic recalibration of our lives, not when things are going swimmingly, but rather when the foreboding clouds of life’s traumas are gathering.

Hence, it’s true that Lynda needs to be a sensitive guardian and guide of human emotions, and this is a role for which she seems to be naturally gifted. She’s an intelligent and easy-going conversationalist… a bit like a classic matriarchal figure, dispensing good sense and wisdom.

Lynda’s passion is to give people the information and tools they need to continue to move forward in their lives and to do this she uses all her five senses, as well as her extraordinary intuition to help people find themselves and their own power so that they can achieve the changes they desire.

While Lynda is well known as a television personality, radio presenter and newspaper columnist and will even do consultations by email or Skype, she is somewhat distrustful of the technological changes that are transforming our planet.

“The almost addictive power of hand-held internet devices is dumbing us all down and building psychological barriers between our consciousness and our deeper emotions and sources of wisdom,” she says.

“Being based in Singapore, I see this to a terrifying degree. The population there, particularly the young, seems entirely robotic and continually wired into the cyberworld, meaning that they miss out on so much of the beauty, truth and understanding that is in the reality all around them.”

Photo: Christian Schnettelker
Lynda travels extensively between her clients to destinations all around the world including the US, Asia, Australia and Europe. Her ability to understand different cultures, philosophies and religions makes her unique and she is a blend of her travels and experiences that have enhanced her wisdom, clarity and intuition. Certainly Thailand’s Theravada Buddhist tradition with its focus on meditation and reincarnation is close to her heart.

As someone who studied science at university, I found it hard to subscribe to many of the entities and tenets of Lynda’s psychological view, lacking as they do hard scientific evidence to back them up. However when I looked at my watch I realized that we had enjoyed an extremely fascinating two-hour conversation covering a huge range of topics and I thought that maybe I was being a bit mealy mouthed in splitting semantic hairs about whether spirits and past lives really exist.

For whatever labels we choose to describe her sources and abilities, it’s clear that Lynda is someone with a great deal of wisdom and guidance to impart to those who seek her help.

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— Barry Daniel

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