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ROI ET: Tough gangs are always causing trouble in Roi Et but no one expected the toughest of them all to be all female. The 50 members of the Ultraman Gang are aged 17 to 24 and by night they threaten people in pubs, karaoke bars and restaurants. Some of them are still at school and meet after class. The leader is a 17-year-old who organizes motorcycle races around Roi Et at night. The girls in the gang put themselves up for hire and their talents are often used by women who want to make sure their boyfriends stay true. For a small fee an Ultraman Gang member will beat up any rival girlfriend. Pol Maj Uthit Kidtuk, Superintendent of Roi Et Town Police Station, said that many of the gang’s names were known and police would arrest them if they were caught breaking the law. He added, “I don’t know what it costs to hire them.”

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