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PHUKET: As we begin another new year, it is a timely opportunity to consider what we should look out for in 2017. It is always important to reevaluate your digital footprint on a regular basis.
Here are my 2017 tips to have a successful year in social media and beat your competition, increase your revenues and improve customer loyalty.

Remember, an efficient sales funnel is critical, especially combined with a good product and a customer-friendly approach. Use these techniques to build your database, and consider splitting that between a local and tourist market if relevant.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Dare to be different. A lot of social media is people being sheep, following what others do without any real thought or application. Avoid this trap – find your voice, but don’t be afraid to do something different or untried. At the end of the day, the goal is to be seen and remembered. This will put money in the bank account – but just be careful about being too risque.

Relationships Will Be Key

There is no doubt that as people’s social media attention spans get shorter and shorter with more voluminous online marketing coming their way, the critical factor will be building real relationships. There is a fine line between selling and marketing – people love to buy but hate to be sold to, so build the relationship better than the rest and your sale will happen.

Use Systems and Automation

There are so many fantastic digital products out there at the moment that you would be crazy not to be using them. Often they are free or very cheap, and the benefits are golden. Why do the hard work when an app can do it all for you.

Facebook Live, Instagram

Videos and pictures will be used more in 2017. Imagine showing off your hotel rooms or new housing display live on Facebook with a limited time offer of availability, a dining experience at your restaurant, a live band at your bar… the list goes on. This will create engagement, interaction and a following.

Google Places

Google and its takeover of everything internet means that if you are not plugged in you are missing out. Google Maps is now on almost every smart phone, and for zero cost your business could be showcased to your local clients. Make sure you get listed today.

Create A Connected Digital Footprint

Make sure that you have a cohesive, integrated online footprint. Decide what presence you want, then have them interconnect and work with each other. In my next column I am going to suggest what I would do if I had to start from scratch knowing what I know, but for the time being, think website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Simon Wetherell is a Social Media Expert, Trainer and Lawyer. He now resides in Thailand where he trains businesses and individuals on how to profit from the Social Media industry. For more information go to http://Phuket or call him on 095 085-3355.

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— Simon Wetherell

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